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Welcome to Worland Pharmacy

What's Exciting about Worland Pharmacy?

Worland Pharmacy is the talk of the town!   You can expect to see the friendly faces of the pharmacy staff you have always known and loved.  We invite you to walk in and see our our unique gifts while you pick up your medicine.  If the weather is not the best or you want to stay in your vehicle we invite you to experience Worland's first pharmacy drive-through. 

Worland Pharmacy can provide your prescription and over-the-counter needs, as well as an assortment of gifts for special occasions.  Even though we are basically done with flu shots, we continue to offer pneumonia, shingles, and the tetanus-diphtheria-and-pertussis (Tdap) vaccinations.  

We have several vendors who make great gifts for specific holidays.  Pass by Worland Pharmacy to see these unique gifts.  You can simply window shop, or buy to your hearts content.

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Worland Pharmacy will be closed 5/27  for Memorial Day. See you Tuesday the 28th! 

Pharmacy Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 1:30pm
Sun: Closed

Contact Us

1095 Circle Road
Worland, Wyoming 82401

Phone: 307-347-4500

Fax: 307-347-4501

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